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Bubbles are a fascinating magnetizing phenomena. In order to create big, colorful bubbles, the kind that doesn’t instantly pop – we need to have the right conditions: We have to make the correct formula, let it “rest” for the exact amount of time, mix (not too much but not too little), blow in the exact strength and at the right direction.

If we blow too hard – the bubble will burst. If we blow too soft – the bubble won’t grow. And we also need to wait for the perfect conditions – the right amount of humidity, the accurate amount and direction of wind.

Like bubbles – so are children. The right combination of the right formula, the gentle technique and optimal condition will create an environment of growth and development– and will allow the child and the bubble to thrive.

Like bubbles, so is the experience at Gan:  the activities are colorful, interesting and vivid. Some are on a larger scale, some on a smaller. But each one of them is unique, all are diverse and different from each other.

Like with bubbles, we aim to create the perfect surroundings and optimal setting for growth and progress.


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