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Gan Gurim was the most amazing experience for my entire family.  Tami's approach and experience helps each child blossom – and I’m so lucky that all four of my children got to experience Gan Gurim.  Tami treats each child with so much love and respect - she teaches them how to be independent and feel good about what they can do.  She challenges them, all in a way that makes them grow. She creates a strong personal connection to each child, so that when there's a problem, she quickly recognizes it and offers effective advice and solutions.  


We are an American family with Israeli connections and relatives, but speak primarily English at home. Both my daughters and my son learned English and Hebrew simultaneously and by the time they left Gan, their Hebrew was at the same level as their Israeli friends – and it remains strong to this day for all of them!

Throughout her time in elementary and middle school, Rebeccy’s (my oldest) level of Hebrew has been on par with Israelis in her classes. As an 8th grader, she was chosen to play the lead in the Berman Hebrew Academy’s Yom HaShoa play entirely in Hebrew, She was one of the only students whose Hebrew was proficient enough for a lead role, so the impact of her Hebrew immersion at Gan Gurim has remained with her for life.






Maddie      2004-2015



water play at Gan Gurim, Israeli day care in Rockville MD

My second oldest daughter, Maddie, had a tougher time as a preschooler. Back then, she was physically very small and so anxious that she actually stopped talking in school.  Tami was very clear and direct with us about what was going on with her and offered me recommendations for getting her help –  in a loving and productive way.  She spoke with the psychologist and helped us get Maddie back on track. Now, Maddie is a thriving 6th grader with tons of friends. Her Ivrit is also at a very high level thanks to her beginnings at Gan Gurim.

Once I start, I can’t just stop saying all I have to say about Gan Gurim, but I will just add and say that my other 2 children also experienced Gan Gurim in a very positive, loving way and they got a great first education system encounter.

Tami always welcomes everyone with open arms and always make you feel like a part of the Gan Gurim family.

If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me,

Shuly Babitz

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