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Our daughter Netta was fortunate to spend four years at the Gan from two years old to almost six.  The Gan has a warm and supportive ambience that encourages even shy children to participate and have fun.  When our daughter started Gan, she was quiet and very shy. Tami worked hard to bring her out of her shell and by the end of her first year Netta made a huge leap from shy yet not so social kid to a shy yet very friendly kid. While she was at the Gan, Netta learned how to co-operate and play well with other children.  She learned sharing and taking turns and how to look out for some of the children that were younger than her. The huge emphasis at the Gan on developing social skills and confidence paid off. Netta had a smooth transition from the small warm environment of the Gan to the public school system.

            We also liked rotating cooking duty with the other parents.  We ended up having to cook about once every other week for the entire gan. It was very convenient for us not be bothered with sending food everyday. Since the parents are responsible for their children’s food we were certain Netta got good, healthy food.

            During the four years Netta spent in the gan she picked up really impressive spoken Hebrew. While at the Gan, the only language employed is Hebrew which is very handy when we visit relatives in Israel. One of her favorite weekly activities was making individual challahs on Fridays (the only thing she never learned to share).  She also enjoyed the parties and activities for the holidays such as Sukhot, Channukah, and Purim.

Every morning began with a hug, and each day ended with a hug before we left. Within a few weeks from the day she started,  Netta did not want to go home at the end of the day.  She had made friends that to this day (two years after she left) they meet on a regular basis.

Overall, Netta had a great time.   She still enjoys coming back on occasion to “help” and insists on hosting the Chanukah party for the gan alumni every year.

Marty and Miki



Graduated in 2014

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